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Hurricane Earl Swell, Sept 2, 2010  View 19 MB xvid download only,  streaming link coming soon...
Tropical Storm Hanna, Sept 6, 2008   This video was recorded after 4pm Saturday after the storm.
June 03, 2007,  Mercer's Pier   HiDef or LowDef     Mercer's pier, 2 min. highlights from an evening session.
Sept. 13, 2006, Mercer's Pier   North side of Mercer's, last remnants of the Florence swell.
Oct. 9, 2004 Fort Fisher NC   Short board action at the Hotwax contest site
 Sept. 5 2004 Ocean Isle "Escape"    Fun surf at this South facing beach 
Tropical Storm Charlie 8-14-04  6.5MB  Short one minute video before paddling out. 
Way Away    Shot at C-street  Dec. 14
Hurricane Isabel    Shot at C-street 
 Sept. 5 Hurricane Fabian    Good short board action at Surf City Pier
   May 23, South side of Mercers  5MB  Streaming video, Fri. evening, good waves.
     March swells at WB quick time   8MB  Good short board action shot by Jerry Ricciotti
   Short board Hotwax 2002 Ft. Fisher 6MB  Short board Action
  Long board Hotwax 2002 Ft. Fisher  19MB  Longboard Action
  Good Longboard action  11MB   Sr. Men and Men Longboard division
  Good Shortboard action  13MB  ESA-SNC Open  Shortboard division
Nov. 18 shortboard    Good action shot at C-street
Come to Stay or Stay away    Great video with Matt Gilligan killing it
 Ray Pearson body boarding good stuff  11MB  Funny stuff in the video of his friends
"Get Away"  10MB  Shot at C-Street during the dredging
  "Fascination Street"   13MB  Shot at C-Street in the afternoon
  "Wish you were here"  15MB   Shot at Surf City Pier Christmas eve dawn-patrol
  Surfcity pier   6MB  Shot by Shea Lindon OSS/SNCSURF crew in it.
"Stealing Happy Hours"  10MB  A few surfers finding a spot away from the crowd at Wrightsville Beach
 C St. Friday Evening  5MB  Strong south current, shot  just before dark.
Figure 8  Wahines together  8MB  29 Wahines Shot at Figure 8 Island
Cool "N" Out   6MB  Shot at C-Street in the afternoon
  Crashing Down  8MB  Shot at C-Street by Shea Lindon Dawn-Patrol
2002 Mid Atlantic Regional  5MB  Championships shot by Dan Pearson
October Fest WB&CB  7 MB  Hot shot short boarders at C-Street
Carolina Beach   6MB  Glenn  Morello video
Masonboro Island    7MB  Glenn  Morello video shot at MAS
Street morning session    Bill Curry, Grieg Border & others "dawn-patrol"
Street afternoon session    Ben ripping it up at C-Street afternoon session
Big Wednesday Morning    Big Wednesday at C-Street
Big Wednesday Afternoon    Big Wednesday at C-Street

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Here are shots Hurrican Fabian, WB shot by John Sutton at C-Street   SET 1   SET 2

Pictures from the East Coast Wahine Championships
Shot by Kim Stokes
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

Wahines Shots by John Sutton 
Click here

Shot by Tyler Miller
More shots  Set 1  Set 2

More Wahines pictures shot by Shea Lindon
Set 1  Set 2  Set 3 


Pictures  contest 7 by John Sutton Saturday at CB
Set 1  Set 2  Set 3  Set 4  Set 5

Pictures shot by John Sutton more pictures from the contest site  Set 1   Set 2   Set 3   Set 4

East Coast Wahines Championships at Fort Fisher 2002

Pictures by John Sutton Here.
Also pictures by Paul Zittle
And pictures by Kim Stokes  Here

  Pictures C-Street June 23 Sunday Afternoon by John Sutton

SET 1     SET 2

Wahines on Figure 8 Island June 16

Set 1   Set 2   Set 3



SNCSurf Pictures


A few shots by John Sutton at C-Street last week.
This is a slide show that refreshes every 3 seconds

NEW John Sutton's Corner

WBLA Contest pictures shot by John Sutton  SET 1  SET 2

April 1 shots  Set 1   Set 2   Set 3   Set 4

Ray Pearson Bodyboard Session

Ray Pearson shot's on Sunday March 9

Dan Pearson shot's on Sunday March 3

John Sutton's

Set 1   shots by John Sutton Sunday March 3
Set 2 shots by John Sutton Sunday March 3

Sunday Nov. 19 Pictures afternoon Set 1 Set 2  

Dec. 1,  2001 Set 1  Set 2

Pictures of C-Street Friday Nov. 16 

NEW! Nov. 3   C Street - Saturday morning 
Set 1    Set 2     Set 3

Big Wednesday C-Street!
Set 1   Set 2 

Big surf
Sunday, October 1st, 

Sept, 16th,  Big Sunday - C Street
Set 1       Set 2       Set 3

Oct 21st,  ESASNC Contest #6 - Sunskipper - Carolina Beach
Set 1         Set 2       Set 3         Set 4

ECWC  2001  Fort Fisher NC
1st set   2nd set    3rd set  4th Set 


Check out these beautiful shots by Kim Stokes

Emerald Isle