Just wanted to thank you for the great website...I grew up surfing at Wrightsville/Masonboro...am currently living in South Africa...The website really brings me back home! Great pictures and info...Once again great job and Thanks!...    Semper Fidelis

Captain J. Vance Sewell


Hey, Kent here from nmbsurfpage. I just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job. I check it quite a bit to see if I want to make a trip up there. Thanks to your report on the Tue. Florence swell, I decided to hit it Wed. I caught some of the best waves I've caught in years.  Anyway I just wanted to touch basis with you, keep up the good work. Later, Kent

Hi folks; It was nice to find your website today. I'm a grandpa that used to spend many hours surfing at Wrightsville Beach (at the time the non-touristy beach). The only surfing I do nowadays is on the web occasionally. During my senior year(1972) I got out at noon every day to beat the crowd to Wrightsville. My 1963 Plymouth Station wagon (push button automatic)was just right for the trip! I gotta tell you the water there is a whole lot more friendly than here off the Oregon Coast.  Thanks again Dave Hardwick

great site. can you tell me a surfing beach there? i would be coming from atlanta (i'm from san diego-please don't hold that against me, i was born in ga). where would i drive to? i'm jonesing  pretty bad.  regards, john

sncsurfsmall.gif (23251 bytes)

Whats up! Just wanted to say that the site looks good and Im stoked to see that the waves have been fun for everyone at home and that I wish I was there. I'm in Portugal now and the waves are small. Keep up the good work -                            Ben Bourgeois

Thanks for all the e-mail and Feedback to SNCSURF.
Grieg Border & Alan Clark

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I’m in Melbourne Australia for about six months. I did live in Wilmington. I love your Website it makes me remember all the good days of surf that I had there this past summer. I can’t really surf over here right now cuz I don’t have a surfboard, but I am suppose to take some class in Torquay Australia which is one of the surfing capitals in the world. The surf is nice over here. Well gotta get back to my schoolwork. Thanks for the site, TOLER

I know there are some kids that abuse the message board and the site in general -- but I hope that did not result in you pulling the message board from the page. I think it is a great resource, even if the participants cannot seem to agree on their arguments. Your site and your activity in maintaining it is much appreciated, even when no one tells you. SNC Surf has been the key link to the surfing community in Wilmington, and the message board is a big part of that.  Continued thanks for the site.  Craig

Hey Grieg It's been quite a while, but if I remember correctly, you are a fellow peachhead. So what's your take on the situation with Dickey Betts?  Have you seen the new line-up at all this summer? (As I write, I am looking out at an unbelievably flat ocean here in Cocoa Beach.  Send some of that stuff down our way, will you?!) Regards, MuDdLe

grieg, what's up? just wanted to let you know that your site keeps getting better and better.  Like the new view buttons. keep up the great work. later,                    tony butler sweetwater surf shop

Thanks for the reports, I surf between Charlotte and Columbia Streets (or a bit north or south depending on the tides and sandbars) whenever there's waves and your reports are invaluable in deciding wether or not to check out thesurf. What you're doing for Wrightsville and southern NC surfing is great. As a veteran of 29 years of southern NC surfing all I can say is thanks and keep up the good work, dude. Jamie

Grieg, Just wanted to let you know that the updates to the site look good. Thanks for the pics and info. Always the place I go when I want to check up on the ol WB NC.

Thanks and keep it up (Guys out here charge $10 a month for the samething.... can you believe it, capitalism at it's finest!) John,

Grieg, I could have gone all day without seeing yesterday's waves from a computer in Raleigh. Especially the opening picture of the backside barrel. Thanks for keeping me in touch with the surf during the week. Leonard

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your page, though it sometimes makes it hard to stay at the office. Keep up the good work.  Daryl

hey bro......wanted to say your site is the best out there, many thanx from all of us here on topsail island  

 PEACE AND WAVES TO YA......jonny Quest


Should have e-mailed sooner. I had to move to the Piedmont of N.C. in May. It is a 4 and a 1/2 hour drive to surf for me. Thanks for the report. It has kept me going (and driving down) this summer. Thanks, Tim Reid

For more Hardcore RCBB action Checkout delaware.com

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Eastern Championships by Kim


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I check the surf every morning on your sight. You got the most accurate surf report and news out there. The best thing is that you keep it current. Jesse McCrery


Thanks for all you guys do.  I live in Greensboro and have a 3 1/2 hour drive each way when I go surfing.  Your site is invaluable in helping me catch the right days.  We caught Topsail on Sunday!  Later,Scott

I just wanna say that your webpage rocks!Keep up the good work! Tod

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and tell you how much I like your page. The pictures you take are great. What do you use? Is the break to far out at the north end for you to get any decent pictures?  Keep up the good work, RC

Hi! I'm Cheryl, in Dallas.  I like your page; also the link to Crystal Pier cam. That's the exact spot where my family hangs out when they are there, so I can "spy" on them. Cheryl Banks College of Education


I just wanted to say thanks I found your site when I was living in Cincy and I was stoked to see pics of wrightsville beach I moved here a week before "bonnie" and i could not find your site I found a bunch of other stuff{none of which compares to yours} I found your site a couple of days ago and I am stoked your site is complete and professional with your links, charts, etc...I can throw away some of my other sites thanks again, Howard.........


Hey bro, My name's John I used to live in NC. I've sinced moved to Dana Point, CA. I check your site every once and awhile to give me a little taste of the fun days at masonboro, south jetty, etc. You have no idea how much I miss warm water!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you  have a really dope site and to keep it up. Many of my homeboys back in NC use it for there surf report regularly and they really dig it to. Anyway, got to get some sleep, keep up the good work! John L.

Hey, thanks for having the best surf report on the East Coast.                      Barry Cameron

I am a so cal native, spent all of my life there, but decided to come out to the East Coast to Duke for college. I thought it was going to be unbearable to be away from the beach for so long, until I discovered a way to make it down to Wrightsville Beach. Your Website has helped me know when the swells are arriving, and I was able to make it down last Sunday for some Awesome barrels that reminded me a lot of home. Thanks for all the great Info and keep up the good work Ben Balmages

I just want to complment you on having a good web page. It's always up to date, and has good pics and reports. Thanks, Josh

Hey brah, what a cool surprise with the makeover. I almost closed the page thinking I got the wrong link but luckily the SNCSurf logo was right there. Anyway, just a quick note to say thanks for the wonderful service you provide for us surfers that are forced to move farther from the coast.  Take care bruddah.     Alberto

SNC Surf

Hello I live in Myrtle Beach and I check this page everyday. I finally persuaded my dad to take me up there this weekend if the waves are good: waist high or better. I am getting sick of Myrtle's waves. Their same and lame everyday,  I am looking for some real waves.  Thanks a lot and your Webpage is great. Neil Alger


Hey Grieg, I like your animations that you've been adding to your site. What areyou using to make the .gif's into motion? Is it Flash? Again, keep up the good work! Lisa

Hey,First of all i just wanna say your page is great. Everyday at school I check out your page to see if the waves are good. And everyday (even if the waves aren't good) I am excited just to look at the great pictures. Keep this site goin forever.   Stephen Pridgen


i have been on restriction for the past four weeks and missing all the swells and u are the only site that has kept me from going crazy keep up the good work and the video clip was awesome,   Blu85Devil

I want to thank you for creating and maintaining such a great web site for surfers. I live in Durham, and with my three boys, try to make it to the coast for nice surf days. Your site keeps us stoked. Thanks. Bob, Tim, Conor and Kevin

Just a note to all those who put their heart and soul into ECWC 2000...Thank-You for such a fantastic time...and the memories.See you next year for sure.  Lisa Muir

Guys, Just want to say, great surfing site, would be nice if you could update the pictures more often. If you get time, check out my web page of tech tips and software recommendations. or my stock options investment web site, OptionsAlternative. Thanks, 2centstech.


As you may have figured from the subject, I was tempted to write you after checking the page these past couple days and send my thanks. Ever since I first heard about sncsurf.com I have been checking it almost everytime I go on the internet. It is almost inevitable that whenever I sign on regardless of whether I plan to surf or not that day, SNC is the first place I visit. I can't thank you guys enough, (I don't really even know who is the group of people in charge of maintaining the site to tell you the truth) for creating and always having such an amazing site. You guys always have the most comprehensive report of anyone out there, you have the best links, the best format, the best description and advice, and ultimately, the most important thing is that you guys represent to the world what it means to be a surfer from the southern US. I don't know if there is anywhere else in the world where the sense of brotherhood is more apparent. Other surfers from other parts of the world know how ultimately in surfing the only thing that really matters is your bros but I don't know if anywhere else but in our area is it more realized amongst the majority of surfers. And I don't mean to say that our knowing this makes us greater surfers in a moral sense, and that we should be proud of that, because where does pride ever lead but to prejudice and separation and ill feeling anyway. All I'm saying is that I'm glad to finally realize what a great thing I've always been a part of as a surfer from and of this area and how happy I am that wherever I go in this world I can always access your site and be reminded of what it means to be a southern surfer: one who realizes that the competition, how good the waves are, your sponsors, the gear you rock, the respect you get in the lineup, the respect you get out of the lineup, simply how skilled you are at surfing, it's all for naught unless you realize what we all have in common, our mutual love for the ocean and love of sharing with each other that respect and support we give each other. Your posting and evident appreciation of some of the responses people have sent concerning the site is just one more example to me of the real sense of brotherhood we have down here. I'm glad to be a part of it and I'm ecstatic that you guys do such a good job repping as one of us on the web.All the respect in the world,

Michael Files, just another Southern Brother


I am a surfer from Myrtle Beach who has been attending Clemson since the end of August.  When I made my choice in schools I figured I could always get a ride home when the waves were good- big mistake.  Right now I am land-locked in the upstate of South Carolina and am at least four or five hours away from the beach. I haven't been surfing since august and am about to go insane.  I just wanted to say that your site keeps me going each day, and for that I would like to thank you.  I would also like to say to anyone else who reads this, never take surfing for granted.  Every second spent in the water, no matter the size of the swell, is better than almost anything anyone can ever offer you.  I took surfing for granted and am now  feeling the consequences.  I would like to thank you again for this site, and I'll be waiting for fall break when I can finally head home to the beach     -Michael "Haulass" Halasz



Grieg,,First and foremost, THANKS! I have used your web site religiously for the past few years. I've been meaning to send my thanks and after reading Michael's email I figured now was as good a time as any. I'm from Wilmington, but I left there in 94 to go to NC State. Everday I would check your site, to keep my sanity, and use some of your links to decide when to make the drive down to catch a swell. I would leave at 4am, hit Bojangle's and arrive at WB around sunrise. I would get wet for a few hours, depedingon the waves, and head back for class (most days) by noon. Currently I am working in Boston. It's a great city, but it doesn't come close to the beautiful beaches of NC. I surfed in Maine a couple of times this summer, it just wasn't the same. The plan is to be back in the homeland by next year. In the mean time I'll have to be content with limited sessions around Easter and X-mas. Your site keeps me up to date on something that I also took for granted when I lived there. It's definitely an addiction! Thanks for all your hard work. It's greatly appreciated! See You in the Water

Brad Jones   PS  It's ALWAYS worth getting wet.


Ya Grieg, I am going to have to agree with the stories from the two guys from Clemson and NCSU, I came to NCSU this august to presue a major in meteorology and coastal resources. My love for the beach made my interest in the weather, and forecasting surf. I come home when I can, I caught the Oct. 1st swell, and some this past weekend. But nothing, I do mean nothing compares to living on the beach as I did last year. I only wish UNCW could have a major to interest me, but maybe one day with all the hurricanes that hit us. Anyways, I check your site daily sometimes it is tough to look at the waves after surfing them for 19 years.. but I hopefully will be back soon!!! P.S. One way to still surf, study abroad, I am trying for Melbourne, Australia, if I get the scholarship, Thanks again!   Adam Jones


Hey Grieg, After reading the email you received from Mike from Clemson I was inspired to write. Growing up surfing the different breaks along the East Coast, I too had grown to love the surfing lifestyle.It has always been a huge part of my life since a young age.Well, when the decision to go to college came around I was put in a difficult position. I chose to attend Penn State University in the heart of the Nittany mountain range, a good 6 HOURS from the ocean! Needless to say, those were the longest four years of my life. I managed as many trips to the coast as possible and did a whole lot of snowboarding as winter lasts for what seems like forever up there. So, point being, I graduated four years ago and as soon as I stepped off campus (diploma in hand) I high-tailed it to Wilmington and back to the surfing life that I adored so much. Have faith Mike, make the most of your time in school....you'll be glad you did in the long run. Once you graduate, take a plane, a train, a car, a bike.....whatever means necessary, and get back to the water! It'll be waiting for you with open arms. Take care....see ya out there.  Terry Mann

First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful work on your site. I am responding to the post on the people that are stranded inland and i want u to know that i know exactly how they feel.  I live in Florence, SC which is over 70 miles from the nearest beach.  About every kid here over 10 says that they surf but there's only a handful that really go every weekend.   A few of us started competing in the last year which really makes us get down there at least once a month. It gets to be a real problem somtimes wanting to get down there and it is especially hard on the parents of the kids that can't drive yet.  We'll spend the time and money to go surf waist slop for a day and still be thrilled. So my advice like the others have said is to not even think twice about not going out if it's waist because it's "cold" or a little unorganized because you never know when you might not be able to surf again.  WRVsrf

Grieg, I have read all of the emails you have been posting on the site and wanted to say thanks as well. As a former Yankee, now living down here now at ECU you make us feel like we are at the beach everyday. I have always wanted to live at the beach and one day it might be a reality. I grew up coming down here from Connecticut and fell in love with Eastern North Carolina. I just want you to know how important your site is to all of us not living at the beach. Thank you,  Scott Primavera